Judy and the Sit Tech team have been amazing to work with. We appreciated all of the background and “why” information, as well as the lessons and tips on how to sit and stand in the way our bodies are meant to. Our favorite takeaway has been the little tips and reminders that we learned to cue us throughout the day. Overall, this was a great way to get some easy ways to improve health, and a great way to connect the team.

Emily Miller, Comcast VIPERHR Project Manager

Judy’s workshop series provides a unique wellness program that helps foster new habits in the workplace. Her well-researched presentation and thoughtful instruction make the experience both educational and enjoyable for participants.

Heidi Gordon, American Council of Engineering Companies of ColoradoCAE, Deputy Director/COO

Power sitting not only taught me how to sit properly in a chair, but more importantly, it showed me that sitting with an open pelvis can actually give me energy. [The workshop has] allowed me to make a few small changes that have had a positive impact.

Gray Jessiman, Natural GrocersNutritional Health Coach

Everyone had an overwhelmingly positive response to the ergonomic assessments and commented on the positive way in which the postural coaching was delivered. The massages were fabulous and the event ran smoothly due to extra steps the Sit Tech team took to manage the process. We appreciate the value of the information and message Sit Tech delivers.

Martha Campbell, Harris Koecher Smith EngineeringMarketing Coordinator

Our most important assets are our employees. One of the best ways to support these professionals is to be mindful of and strategically address the ways that we move and are static in the workplace. Judy and Sit Tech provide sound strategy that is impactful and pragmatic as well addressing an often overlooked health issue of the modern world.

Brian Kates, MA, CPRPParks Operations Administrator, Meadows Park Community Center, City of Colorado Springs, CO

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Judy leads aligned movement at the CSAE Conference in Crested Butte to help participants feel more comfortable and alert.

Taken by: Taylor Ahearn (Crested Butte’s Photographer/Marketing Manager)