Mindfulness + Alignment + Movement + Conscious Habit Formation

The unique Sit Tech model is based on research conducted at Harvard University and The Cleveland Clinic and focuses on incorporating body alignment plus strategic movement into everyday office life. In addition, the workshops teach mindfulness and how to intentionally develop healthy habits. This means participants leave our time together ready to incorporate the powerful techniques they learned into their work day.

Several research–based offerings are available. The most comprehensive is the Basic Program. This three-workshop series is designed to affect significant change in the way your associates work.

For those businesses that wish to thank employees for a job well done, kick off a new quarter in a positive way or provide reinforcement after the basic program, individual postural coaching plus massage is a popular offering. Custom-designed modules are also available.

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Basic Program at a Glance

Each of the three workshops lasts one hour. All workshops are designed to build upon the material presented in the prior workshop.

Workshop I

Align the Core

Presents healthy sitting postures and movements, and provides guidance for making Sit Tech techniques a habit.


Workshop II

Sit Strong

Teaches simple ways to increase core muscle strength. Participants leave with a written plan for applying the techniques.


Workshop III


Offers advanced postures to add flexibility and balance to enhance basic alignment. Additional information and planning for healthy habits makes this workshop a bridge between the classroom and continued application of Sit Tech skills.


Individual Postural Coaching and Massage

This engaging experience is designed to encourage better work posture for increased health and productivity. It combines the pleasure of brief massage by a certified massage therapist and the satisfaction of learning a simple but powerful technique to increase comfort and well-being. This offering is available as an introduction or a follow-up to the Basic Program, or can stand alone as a thank you to your employees for a job well done.

These seminars or workshops are available for your full staff or for various segments of your population e.g. Power Posing for your sales staff. Sit Tech will work with you to identify and meet your unique needs for greater productivity, employee retention and increased employee well-being.

All Sit Tech offerings are scheduled at your worksite at a time that is convenient for you.

Presenting research to a class.
Presenting research to a class
Demonstrating alignment techniques to a class.
Demonstrating alignment techniques to a class

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