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June 2017
Which men’s health issues are related to sitting?

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A Men's Health Quiz * As we begin Men's Health Month, many men and the women who care about them are concerned about the impact of lifestyle choices on their health...

May 2017
Healthy Posture in Motion

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When asked to stand or sit in good posture, most individuals pull their shoulders back and stiffen their bodies. It seems as if many of us picture a toy soldier...

April 2017
The Silent Language Part II

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Empower your communication with Conscious Nonverbals * As we mentioned in the last tip, Michael Grinder, National Director of NLP in Education and internationally known expert in non-verbal leadership, says that...

March 2017
The Silent Language Part I

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Research indicates that more than 80% of communication is nonverbal. We make unconscious judgments about others, while at the same time they are instinctively evaluating us. What if we could...

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