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October 2017
Is your laptop a trouble-maker?

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Beware the Technology!* Don’t get me wrong. I love my old laptop, but if your chair is out to get you (and the research is very clear about that danger),...

September 2017
Ergonomic ABC’s – Your Monitor

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Is your monitor friend or foe? Do you experience neck and shoulder pain after a day spent at your computer? This circumstance is so common; most of us rarely give...

August 2017
Ergonomic ABC’s Part I

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Is your work-station giving you a pain?* Everyone from federal and state governments to businesses with products to sell has written publications on office set-up. This tip is not meant...

June 2017
Which men’s health issues are related to sitting?

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A Men's Health Quiz * As we begin Men's Health Month, many men and the women who care about them are concerned about the impact of lifestyle choices on their health...

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