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May 2018
Have your buttocks retired on the job?

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It's time to engage your posterior * The static posture of sitting stretches some muscles and shortens others. Typically, sitting causes the glutes or buttock muscles to become inactive and sometimes,...

April 2018
Feeling stressed? Check your alignment.

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Use good sense and a little research to fight stress!* A randomized study conducted at Aukland University demonstrated that adopting an upright seated posture during stressful experiences can maintain self-esteem...

March 2018
Maximize the benefits of walking meetings

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Boost productivity and health with walking meetings* One important way to break up the time we spend sitting at work is to hold walking meetings. A recent study by Oppezzo...

February 2018
Take care of your heart!

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February is Heart Month* Recently a group of cardiologists set out to investigate why extended sitting leads to increases in heart attacks. Researchers reviewed extensive data from the Dallas Heart...

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