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Simple is often best.

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Start by saying Thank You.* There are numerous ways to say thank you from large monitory rewards to verbal praise. Yet one of the reasons most cited by workers for...

Little-known hacks to build habits

| Habit Formation, Monthly Tips | No Comments
Get Specific  * In the last two tips we discussed identifying a powerful reason  for establishing a new habit, and shared several ways to create reminders  so we remember to do...

Using Everyday Movement for Fitness

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The 4 H’s ( and sometimes 5)* We all know it’s important to exercise, but some days there just isn’t time. This month’s Sit Tech tip is dedicated to using…

The Second R of Habit Formation

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Consciously create a healthy habit* The secret to habit formation is simple--Practice! Practice! Practice! That's easy to say, but hard to accomplish. Most of us are loaded down with projects,...

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