Founder and Creator of Sit Tech

Judy Metz has been a sought-after group facilitator and workshop leader for more than 25 years, is an expert in therapeutic yoga, and has studied extensively in the fields of anatomy and physiology. She is known for her gentle, confident approach that inspires participants to make important changes.

Based on her years of experience in adult learning, comprehensive study of clinical and behavioral research, and interviews with key experts in various therapeutic disciplines, Judy created Sit Tech to help employees feel better and live happier, more productive lives – while providing employers with an effective health and wellness tool that can ultimately lower benefit costs, while enhancing employee morale and retention.

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“I’m on a mission to tackle sitting disease in corporate America — by introducing healthy, natural steps we can all take every day.”

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“I have integrated these many years of experience with contemporary research to foster the mission of Sit Tech.”


Vice President and Partner

Before joining Sit Tech, Dr. Joseph Metz had a 30-year career in the private practice of clinical and forensic psychology and earlier as a professor and researcher in the fields of neurosciences and genetics.

He served as chair of the Department of Visual Sciences at the University of the Pacific and as a senior scientist at the Institute of Medical Sciences in San Francisco. He has degrees in mathematics, physics and experimental and clinical psychology, and is well-published in scientific journals with articles about wellness, mind/body awareness, stress management, mental imagery and cognitive psychology. He has also taught stress management, guided imagery and peak performance techniques to individuals and groups.