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By November 8, 2018Monthly Tips, Movement

Start by saying Thank You.*

There are numerous ways to say thank you from large monitory rewards to verbal praise. Yet one of the reasons most cited by workers for satisfaction with their jobs is access to continuing education. To help you respond to these needs, Sit Tech has created several new presentations designed to fit into a lunch hour. Let us help you say thank you.

  • Provide an experience for your high performers,
  • Hold a lottery or
  • Reward your entire staff.

These popular, interactive presentations are presented on site, and all materials and follow-up  e-mails to cue use of the techniques are included. Participants learn valuable skills that will serve them well throughout the year. Choose one of the following workshops or let us design a custom experience for your staff.

Sit Tech Lunch and Learn Presentations

Are you sitting down?
If so, you are in danger. Current research suggests that extended sitting is more dangerous than smoking – even if you exercise regularly. And standing up or using an ergonomic chair isn’t going to save you either! Most of us must sit or stand to get work done, but both of these static postures damage our health, and make us more prone to depression and cognitive fogginess. It’s time to fight back!

Begin this 45 minute presentation with a self-assessment to determine your risk. Then take charge by reestablishing the three natural healthy curves in the spine and implementing the Mayo Clinic’s concept of N.E.A.T. (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

Get ready to be healthier, happier and more productive.

Get the Most from your Standing Desk!

It’s true that research has linked all kinds of health and emotional problems to extended sitting. So we decided to stand up… But the research now tells us that prolonged standing produces its own issues.

Frustrated yet?

This 45 minute presentation will help you understand how the mismatch between the workplace environment and human physiology impacts our bodies, minds and emotions. Hear the latest information on standing desks, then fight back by learning specific techniques for healthy standing and sitting. Learn how much you really need to move to stay healthy and the best ratio of standing to sitting.

This highly interactive presentation is both entertaining and filled with valuable tips and information.

If you sit or stand more than five hours per day, this face-paced workshop is for you.

What a pain in the neck

Feeling sore at the end of the day? Learn what an orthopedic surgeon discovered about Text Neck. Practice a variety of simple but powerful methods to ease the stress on your neck and shoulders. Leave with information and techniques, including self-massage, to beat this common problem.

If you often experience headaches or neck and shoulder pain, this workshop can help.

When we think of gratitude here at Sit Tech, we think of our appreciation for you. Thanks for helping us create another year of health and wellbeing for so many individuals and organizations!

Feel free to contact us at 303-746-2631 to explore other workshop options.
Please keep us in mind as you plan your staff development for 2019.

We will be back next month with another tip for using posture, mindfulness, movement and conscious habit formation to improve your health, your life and your business.

Until then Sit Strong!

* Always listen to your body.  – If it hurts, don’t do it!  – Consult with a health professional about performing any activities mentioned in these tips. Sit Tech does not offer medical advice and is not responsible for use of its tips.

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