Feeling stressed? Check your alignment.

Use good sense and a little research to fight stress!*

A randomized study conducted at Aukland University demonstrated that adopting an upright seated posture during stressful experiences can maintain self-esteem and increase positive mood. A slumped posture, led to reports of mild depression. Although all study participants experienced the same stressful situations, those using an erect seated posture were more verbal and used more positive emotion words in the follow-up interview. Smitha Nair and her colleagues postulated that sitting upright may actually increase resilience to stress.

Sit Tech to the Rescue

  • Slide your hips to the front of your chair’s seat.
    • Set the foundation.
      • Place both feet flat on the floor with your big toes pointing straight ahead and in line with each other.
      • Rock your hips from side to side until you can feel your sitting bones.
        • Walk your sitting bones back in your seat until your hips rest comfortably against the chair back.
        • Make sure your weight is distributed evenly on both sit bones. Next,
    • Rest your hands gently on the sides of you ribs and breath your ribs out into your hands
    • Continue to use your breath to expand your ribs to both the back and front.
      • Opening your ribs concentrically creates more room for your lungs to expand and brings in oxygen to nourish all your cells. Next,
    • Tip the front top of your pelvis forward while expanding your ribs. Feel your torso elongate. Keep that stretch. Finally,
    • Place a hand at the back of your neck and raise and lower your chin until your neck is neither flat nor over curved. Go for Goldilocks.

    Create a visual cue that you can take with you into meetings or other stressful situations to remind you to use erect posture, your secret weapon, to stay calm, positive and alert.

    Practice several times a day to strengthen the muscles needed to maintain healthy curves and stress proof your body.

Sit Tech will be back next month with another tip to help you increase your well-being and productivity.

Until then, Sit Strong!
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