Tell Sitting Disease to Take a Hike.

And Improve Healthcare Costs and Productivity Along the Way.

Combating Sitting Disease in the Workplace

Sit Tech™ is a company dedicated to promoting wellness and productivity in your workplace.

The Sit Tech Model

Discover how we’re combatting sitting disease in the workplace by teaching “power sitting” — easy-to-learn techniques based on spinal alignment, posture, learned movements and more.


See what the media and others are saying about sitting disease — and how employers that address the issue can benefit from lower medical and pharmacy costs, happier employees, fewer workers’ comp cases and more.


Access research, articles and videos that clarify the physical, emotional and cognitive impacts of sitting for six or more hours per day. Explore resources ranging from humorous articles to meta-analysis and longitudinal studies.

About Us

Learn more about Sit Tech, a Colorado-based company that provides businesses with unique, highly interactive, onsite training to help improve employee health and productivity, and slow the rising cost of healthcare benefits.

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